Covering Your Assets: Protect Your Roof from the Unexpected

Owning a home is one of the most important things you will ever do. And a good home requires good protection, beginning with the roof. With the right homeowner’s insurance plan, you can protect your roof from three common threats: wind damage, hail damage, and water/rain.

Wind Damage

Anytime there’s a storm, there stands the possibility that a house will sustain wind or hail damage. The repairs could be minor or monumental, depending on the quality of construction and nature of the event. In any case, you are likely to have displaced shingles as the sealed tabs come apart with high winds. Flying debris, composed of any number of objects, from tools to toys, can also puncture the roof’s surface, and require extensive repairs. The damage may be so great that a new roof altogether is needed.

Hail Damage

The granular surface of your roof shingles serve an important role: protecting it from everyday damage. During a bad storm though, hail up to 2" may erode this surface, as well as the asphalt coating and glass mat. Large hail can also split wood shingles and put dents in any metal accessories your home may have. The hail may be so severe that skylights, ac vents, siding, windows, and screens are destroyed too.

Rain/Water Damage

Rain and water can harm your roof in a variety of ways, often accompanied by wind and hail damage. During a storm, water may seep under the shingles and shakes, eventually seeping down into your home. Water that begins to pool on the roof may also rot structures and spur the growth of moss and algae. This can spread to other parts of the home, such as the walls and ceiling, further compounding the moisture problem and creating the potential for mold. Water damage is often so hard to contain that an entirely new roof is needed.

Document Everything

In the event that your roof sustains any of these damages, you will need to contact your insurance company and file a claim as soon as possible. Be sure to take plenty of after photos to compare with the photos of the roof without damage. This means, of course, you should have plenty of before photos, clearly showing the state of your roof at the time the policy is put in place. You will also want to document any repair estimates, bills, and invoices as neatly as possible to ensure a smooth claims process.

Get Specific

Exact coverage will, of course, vary greatly from city to city and even home to home. You can expect less reimbursement, for instance, if your roof is more than ten years old at the time the damage is sustained. A brand new roof that is damaged from wind, hail, or water will likely be replaced outright, whereas older roofs may have it harder. Other times, the age of the roof doesn’t matter and the policy will still cover all the damage. Be sure you’re aware of what will be covered and more important, what will not be covered under your specific plan.

Insure against Loss

Regardless of the plan you choose, it’s essential to get homeowner’s insurance with quality roof protection because it will save you money and heartache. Common roof repairs can cost close to a thousand dollars and an entirely new roof may run you more than ten grand. Why give yourself the added burden of worrying about impending damage from things like wind, hail, and water?

The right homeowner’s policy will not save you from everything. You can still anticipate a certain level of wear and tear as your roof ages but you shouldn’t have to worry about losing everything due to some unforeseen event, like a natural disaster.

If you are a new homeowner or perhaps you just bought a new roof, give your homeowner’s policy careful consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, talk them through with a representative that is both knowledgeable and understanding. This is your home and you should feel comfortable with whatever policy you choose. Take your time, ask questions, and be one hundred percent clear on what your policy covers. Protect your roof and everything it protects.